Extramural (Part-time): Applied Linguistics

Study Programme: Applied Linguistics

Majors (to choose from):
translation/interpreting; teaching and translation/interpreting

Head: dr Zuzanna Dzięgielewska-Pecyńska (duty hours – click here)

Graduates of the MA extramural programme are awarded an MA degree in the field of applied linguistics.

The extramural MA programme is directed to the graduates of all types of BA programmes. Candidates for the teaching and translation specialization must be graduates of a BA programme which included teachers’ training subjects.

All students of the MA Programme study one out of three foreign languages offered by the Institute: English, French or German.

Duration of the study: 2 years (4 semesters)


The classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays.

Graduates of the MA programme in the Institute of Applied Linguistics possess the following skills and competences:

  1. The graduate of the translation/interpreting major can translate between two languages, i.e. between Polish and the studied foreign language.
  2. The graduate of the teaching and translation/interpretation major can translate between two languages, i.e. between Polish and the studied foreign language, and is fully qualified to teach the studied foreign language. 
  3. All graduates of MA studies possess skills and competences allowing them to work in all kinds of positions and professions requiring fluency in foreign languages, depeneding on their major, such as a translator, teacher, consultant, editor, and also in any similar positions, requiring knowledge concerning communication and fluency in foreign languages.

Graduates of MA studies at the Institute of Applied Linguistics pursue careers in international organizations, business, advertising, the media as well as in various types of schools, editing boards, publishing houses, translation agencies, institutions maintaining international contacts, foreign companies or Polish companies cooperating with foreign partners, etc. Many our graduates are employed in the most important EU institutions.


The Institute of Applied Linguistics educates first-class specialists in the field of translation and interpreting, linguistics, foreign language teaching and intercultural mediation.