Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw

Corpus Research Centre

The Corpus Research Centre is a research unit in the Institute of Applied Linguistics, formed to conduct corpus-based research on translation, discourse and intercultural communication. An additional objective is to disseminate the corpus methodology, a quantitative empirical method with the growing popularity in Europe and in the USA since early 1990s, which is still relatively unknown in Poland.

The Centre intends to capitalise on and develop the internal potential of the Institute of Applied Linguistics through interdisciplinary cooperation by integrating and activating its staff members who work with corpora in Translation Studies, Discourse Analysis, Linguistics and Language Acquisition.


Scope of research:

  • studies on comparable and parallel corpora, and national corpora
  • corpus-based studies on discourse, in particular on genres
  • corpus-based studies on translation (corpus-based translation studies), in particular on specialised translation
  • corpus-based studies on intercultural and multilingual communication in the European Union
  • corpus-based studies on terminology and LSP phraseology
  • corpus-based studies on language acquisition
  • methodological issues in corpus research; methodological triangulation and mixed research methods
  • applications of corpora in professional practice and training

Ongoing research projects:

  1. The Eurolect: an EU variant of Polish and its impact on administrative PolishNCN grant (the Polish National Science Centre), PI — dr hab. Ł. Biel; investigators D. Koźbiał and K. Wasilewska
  2. Eurolect Observatory, UNINT, Italy, PI – Prof. L. Mori
  3. Language of multilingual EU law: (de)culturisation and (de)hybridisation of the language of the law during the drafting and transposition of EU law, NCN grant, investigator — Ł.Biel (PI — dr A. Doczekalska, Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego)
  4. Methodological triangulation in corpus research – BST project

Team members:

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