Stylometry and Writing Centre

Head: dr hab. Piotr Twardzisz

Team members:

  • dr Agnieszka Leńko-Szymańska
  • dr Alisa Mitchel Masiejczyk
  • Alasdair Cullen, MA
  • Aleksander Siwicki, PhD candidate
  • Barbara Nowosielska, graduate student

Scope of research:

  • written English for specific and professional purposes
  • varieties of English (e.g., journalistic English)
  • writing styles
  • academic (scholarly) English (for the humanities and social sciences)
  • geographical varieties of English

Planned research:

  • detailed linguistic analysis of texts
  • exploring the lexis-grammar interface
  • establishing key lexico-syntactic constructions for individual disciplines
  • distinctive features characteristic of particular genres/texts
  • quantitative and qualitative analyses of key constructions
  • individual grammar modelling
  • application of theoretical models (e.g., support for academic/professional writing)