Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw

dr Anna Szczęsny

  • szczesny annaPosition: Senior lecturer; Deputy Director for Student Affairs
  • Department: Translation Studies
  • Room: 00.104
  • Telephone: +48 22 5526021
  • E-mail: a.m.szczesny(at)
  • Duty hours: for students: Mondays 9.30-10.30, Tuesdays 14.00-15.00;
    administrative duty hours: Tuesdays 13.00-14.00

Education and degrees:

  • PhD in the Humanities, linguistics, University of Warsaw, 1999

Research interests:

  • translation studies
  • translation teaching methodology
  • grammar and translation

Teaching experience:

  • descriptive grammar of the Russian language
  • Russian-Polish contrastive grammar
  • translation workshops
  • proseminars and seminars in translation

Professional experience:

  • acting Head of the Department of Translation Studies in the Institute of Applied Linguistics UW May 2004 – February 2006
  • secretary, assistant chairman and chairman of the ILS Entrance Examination Committee

Organizational experience:

  • Conference organisation: Imago mundi, held at ILS UW, 2005
  • Conference organisation: Imago mundi II, held at ILS UW, 2007
  • Conference organisation: Imago mundi III, held at ILS UW, 2010
  • Conference organisation: Imago mundi IV, held at ILS UW, 2012


  • Rector’s Award (1st Class) for a collective publication (co-authorship) – 2002
  • University Day Rector’s Award for organisational work – 2005

Publications list

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