Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw

  • Position: Associate Professor
  • Department: Discourse Studies
  • Room: 00.089
  • E-mail: l.biel(at)
  • Duty hours: Tuesday 13:00-14:00 (except weeks with Institute Council or Faculty Council meetings); Wednesday 9:30-10:30 (by appointment)
  • ORCID ID: 0000-0002-3671-3112 



  • MA in English Studies/Translation, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland, MA dissertation supervised by Professor E. Tabakowska, 1998
  • Ph.D. in Linguistics (cum laude), Philological Doctoral Studies, University of Gdańsk, Poland, Ph.D. dissertation “Distance in English and Polish” supervised by Professor R. Kalisz, 2004
  • Habilitacja postdoctoral degree in Linguistics, University of Warsaw, 2015


Postgraduate studies

  • Diploma in an Introduction to English Law and the Law of the European Union, University of Cambridge, 2005–2007
  • School of American Law, Chicago-Kent College of Law and University of Gdańsk, 2004-2005
  • Management and Business PG Course, Jagiellonian University, 1997-1998.


Training courses


  • CETRA – 20th Doctoral Summer School, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, 2008
  • Translation Research Summer School, University College London, 2007
  • Summer Linguistics, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, 2000 and 2001
  • Editing for Translators, Monterey Institute of International Studies, USA, 2008
  • Certificate in Collaborative Translation Teaching, University Ramon Llull and University of Vic, Barcelona, Spain, 2008
  • Certificate in Teaching Translation: Language and Technology, Consortium for the Training of Translation Teachers, Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal, 2008
  • Correct Polish Usage I, Institute of Polish, University of Warsaw, 2010
  • Academic Teacher Training Course, University of Gdańsk, 2010
  • 2.0 e-learning course design and implementation, University of Gdańsk, 2010
  • Social media and Web 2.0 training for scientists, Foundation for Polish Science (FNP), 2014, OP HC, Skills Project
  • Foundation for Polish Science (FNP), OP HC, Skills Project: Social media and Web 2.0 training for scientists (2014), Research Project Management (2014), Public Engagement (2014), Research Team Management (2015), Mentoring (2015); Research Financing Sources (2015)
  • Statistics for the Humanities, Digital Humanities Laboratory (LaCH), University of Warsaw, 2016; SPSS training 2015.
  • R Studio, Digital Humanities Lab, University of Warsaw, 2017.
  • 5th CLARIN-PL Workshop, IPI PAN, 29-30.05.2017
  • English Law Courses for Polish legal translators and lawyer-linguists by David Hutchins, Lexacom, Iuridico; Warsaw, 26-27.05.2018.
  • Using corpora to teach sociolinguistics. A practical workshop (Vaclav Brezina, Dana Gablasova), TALC2018, University of Cambridge, 18.7.2018.
  • Courses: Accounting and Finance for Translators (2005), Insurance, Banking and Financial Instruments for Translators (2005), Commercial Law, Bills of Exchange, Stock Exchange (2006), BPP Professional Education.


Research interests

  • Corpus linguistics, Corpus Translation Studies
  • LSP translation: legal, EU and business translation; terminology
  • Translation technologies and machine translation
  • Translator training
  • Institutional discourse



  • Associate Professor, Department of Discourse Studies, Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw (2013-…), Head of Corpus Research Centre, Acting Head of the Institute of Applied Linguistics (2016), Deputy Director for International Cooperation and Organisation (2014-2016), member of the Institute’s Research Council, member of the Faculty Council, member of the Faculty Research Commission (2015-…), Member of the Faculty Budget and Finance Commission (2016)
  • Assistant professor, Department of Translation Studies, Institute of English and American Studies (2004-2013), co-founder and co-author of Translation Programmes, coordinator of LSP translation teaching, member of Translation Programme Curriculum Board, Vice Director for Student Affairs (2005–2008), member of Institute Council (2009-2012), member of the University of Gdańsk Quality Assurance Team
  • Visiting Lecturer on MA in Legal Translation, City University London (2009-2014)
  • External researcher, Center for Research in Translation and Transcultural Studies, University of Roehampton, UK, 2013-…


Teaching experience

  • Supervisor of 14 MA dissertations at City Unviersity London, 24 at University of Gdańsk, 6 at University of Warsaw; supervisor of 15 BA dissertations at University of Gdańsk and 1 at University of Warsaw
  • University of Warsaw:
  • Translation of texts related to national law; Translation of texts related to EU law and international law; Translation of texts related to law and economics, Certified translation of documents
  • MA and Doctoral Seminar on Specialised Translation,
  • Corpus Methods in Linguistics and Translation Studies
  • University of Gdańsk:
  • Translation courses: Legal Translation, Certified Translation, EU Translation, Business Law Translation
  • Academic Writing, Legal & Business English
  • Translation Studies: LSP Translation, Terminology, MA and BA seminars
  • Corpus Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics
  • City University London
  • Translation workshop: Litigation, Contracts, Company Law, Commercial Law, EU Law, Property Law and Financial Legal
  • MA dissertation supervision


Doctoral Students

  • Aleksandra Tomaszewska
  • Agnieszka Hein
  • Dariusz Koźbiał
  • Katarzyna Wasilewska
  • Agata Hajduk
  • Dariusz Muller
  • Monika Popiołek


Academic activity

  • Deputy editor of The Journal of Specialised Translation; member of the Lingua Legis Advisory Board; member of editorial boards of Comparative Legilinguistics. International Journal for Legal CommunicationSegments|Baltic Journal of Translation Studies,  co-editor of the European Society for Translation Studies Newsletter (2010-2016)
  • Peer reviewer for: The Journal of Specialised TranslationPerspectives: Studies in Translatology, The Translator, Interpreter and Translator Trainer, International Journal of Lexicography, Linguistica Antverpiensa LANS-TTS, PSiCL, mTm. A Translation Journal, International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, International Journal of Language and Law, Hermes. Journal of Language and Communication in Business, Fachsprache, Investigationes Linguisticae, Comparative Legilinguistics. International Journal for Legal Communication, Liverpool Law Review: A Journal of Contemporary Legal and Social Policy Issues, SLing, Polonica, Rubriq, Textus. English Studies in Italy, Rocznik Przekładoznawczy, Między Oryginałem a Przekładem, Lingua Legis, Krytyka Prawa.
  • Associated Member of the International Research Group CAL(Computer-Assisted Legal Linguistics), Heidelberg Academy of Science, Germany,
  • Member of International Advisory Board in Transius (Centre for Legal and Institutional Translation Studies), University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • Expert consultant in the studies: The status of the translation profession in the European Union (DGT/2011/TST) and Translation and Language Learning. An Analysis of Translation as a Method of Language Learning (DGT-2012-TLL) conducted by the European Society for Translation Studies, commissioned by DG Translation, European Commission
  • Expert consultant in the international project Translation and Language Learning. An Analysis of Translation as a Method of Language Learning (DGT-2012-TLL) conducted by the European Society for Translation Studies, commissioned by DG Translation, European Commission
  • Member of RELINE – Legal Linguistics Network, University of Copenhagen
  • Member of the Consortium for Translation Education Research (CTER)
  • Member of the Evaluation Committee in the International Doctorate in Translation Studies (ID-TS) Programme 2016, 2017
  • Degree commissions: member of habilitacja commissions (Agnieszka Szarkowska, Łukasz Grabowski, Karolina Kaczmarek), Ph.D. external examiner (Juliette Scott, University of Bristol; Jekaterina Nikitina, Università degli Studi di Milano; Monika Szela, Wyższa Szkoła Filologiczna in Wrocław; Olha Lehnka-Paul, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań)


Ongoing research projects / grants

  • The Eurolect: an EU variant of Polish and its impact on administrative Polish, NCN grant (the Polish National Science Centre) no. 2014/14/E/HS2/00782, Sonata BIS, 2015-2018, function — principal investigator,
  • Training action for legal practitioners: Linguistic skills and translation in EU, European Commission (DG Competition), action grant HT.4983/SI2.738977, coordinated by Università degli Studi dell’Insubria (Italy), University of Warsaw as a cobeneficiary; function – local coordinator,
  • Eurolect Observatory (Osservatorio sull’euroletto. Analisi interlinguistica e intralinguistica delle varietà giuridiche in contesto UE), 2013-2015, Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma (UNINT, Italy), function — investigator, member of the research team
  • Język wielojęzycznego prawa Unii Europejskiej – (de)kulturyzacja i (de)hybrydyzacja języka prawnego podczas tworzenia i transpozycji prawa Unii Europejskiej [Language of the multilingual European Union law: (de)culturisation and (de)hybridisation of the language of the law during the drafting and transposition of the European Union law], a Sonata grant from NCN, 2014-2018, function — investigator (Principal Investigator – Agnieszka Doczekalska, Kozminski University)
  • English Eurolect – a hybrid variant of legal English, UW grant, 2016, 2017
  • Methodological Triangulation in Corpus Studies, UW grant, 2016, 2017


Completed research projects, grants and scholarships

  • Corpus-based study of legal collocations, 2010-2012, Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, habilitacja-degree research grant, agreement no. 2251/B/H03/2010/38, function — Principal Investigator
  • Understanding Justice, European Commission (DG Justice), action grant JUST/2013/JCIV/AG/4000004684, coordinated by Middlesex University (UK) with the University of Warsaw as a cobeneficiary, function — local coordinator
  • Public Communication in Poland – inter- and transdisciplinary approach, 0114/NPRH2/H11/81/2013
  • Optimale – Optimising Professional Translator Training in a Multilingual Europe, Lifelong Learning Programme – Erasmus Academic Networks, 2010-2013, European Commission, DG Education and Culture, coordinated by the University of Rennes 2; function — local project leader at the University of Gdańsk
  • Coordinator of the Translation Studies component in Program wdrożenia nowoczesnych elementów kształcenia w Uniwersytecie Gdańskim [The Programme implementing modern teaching elements at the University of Gdańsk], Operational Programme, Human Capital 4.1.1., 2010-2011
  • Evolution of the Polish Eurolect due to institutionalisation: a corpus-based study; UW grant, 2015
  • UG habilitacja-degree scholarship 2008-2010
  • Słownik kolokacji prawniczych dla tłumaczy [A Dictionary of Legal Collocations for Translators], grant BW/F600-5-0129-9 (2009), University of Gdańsk, Principal Investigator
  • Corpus-Based Comparative Analysis of Polish and English Legal Terminology, application preparation grants: BW 4800-5-02-08-7 (2007) and BW 4800-5-029-8 (2008), University of Gdańsk, Principal Investigator
  • Early stage researcher conference grant (Marie Curie EU scholarship) Austria 2007
  • Conference grant BW F600-5-0508-8
  • Conference grant BW 4800-5-0355-1
  • Ph.D. scholarship from the Foundation for the Development of Gdańsk University, 2002
  • Summer school grants: University of Southern Denmark and University of Gdańsk (2000, 2001)


Organisational experience

  • Chair of Organisational Committees of Translating Europe Workshops organised with the European Commission Field Office in Poland: Forum on Quality in Legal Translation, Warsaw, 6.6.2016; Forum on New Translation Technologies: How to Link Productivity and Quality, 12.12.2016 and The changing profile of the translator profession: technology, competences and fit-for-market training, 23-24.5.2018; Legal English: Lingua Franca and Translation in EU Competition Lawconference under the action grant Training Action for Legal Practitioners: Linguistic Skills and Translation in EU Competition Law, University of Warsaw 1.12.2017
  • Member of Scientific Committees: Using Corpora in Contrastive and Translation Studies (UCCTS), University of Louvain, Belgium, 12-14.09.2018;  LexESP 2018: V International Seminar on English and ESP Lexicology and Lexicography: The Words of the Law, University of Alicante, Alicante, Spain, April 26-27, 2018, From morals to the macabre in translation for children, 4-5.4.2018, Pedagogical University of Cracow, Translating Europe Workshop – Translation: Sameness, Likeness and Match, 5-6.10.2017, Vilnius University and European Commission Field Offices in Lithuania and Poland; From Legal Translation to Jurilinguistics: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Language and Law, 27-28.10.2016, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville, Spain; LTC5 – Conference on Law, Translation and Culture, 24-26.06.2015 and 18-20.06.2018, University of Geneva, Switzerland; Optimising the human factor in translation: facing the technological challenge, Rennes 2 University, France, 6.06.2013
  • Member of Organisational Committees: GlobE 2015, East-West European Forum on Discourse. Talking ‘discourse’ in European linguistics: past, present and future, University of Warsaw 14-16.05.2015, Parasession on Passive, Reflexive, Impersonal and Related Constructions (International Conference on Cognitive Linguistics), University of Gdańsk, Sopot, 12-13.7.2007
  • University of Gdańsk coordinator in the academic network Optimising Professional Translator Training in a Multilingual Europe: Erasmus Optimale within Lifelong Learning Programme – Erasmus Academic Networks, 2010-2013
  • Coordinator of Translation Studies postgraduate course 2010-2011, a component of the Programme for the Implementation of Modern Educational Solutions at the University of Gdańsk, Human Capital Operational Programme 4.1.1., in charge of Legal and Business Translation specialisation
  • Founder and academic supervisor of LINGUANA Specialised Translation Student Society, University of Gdańsk (2005-2013).


Membership in academic societies and associations

  • Secretary General of European Society for Translation Studies (2013-…), member of Doctoral Studies Committee, newsletter co-editor (2010-2016)
  • Expert member of TEPIS (Polish Society of Sworn and Specialised Translators), member of Sworn Translator Code Interinstitutional Consultation Committee
  • Member of Polskie Towarzystwo Językoznawcze [The Polish Linguistic Society]
  • Member of International Language and Law Association
  • Member of MOTS International Organisation of Specialised Terminology
  • Member of TERTIUM (Krakow Tertium Society for the Promotion of Language Studies)
  • Member of TPJP (Society of Friends of the Polish Language)



  • Bronze Cross of Merit for contribution to translator training, 2017.
  • The Warsaw University Rector’s Award for Academic Achievements, 2017.
  • Łódź University Rector’s Team Award for the academic textbook Ways to Translation, 2015, Łódź University Press.
  • A badge of merit, Polish Society of Sworn and Specialised Translators PT TEPIS, 2010.
  • Rector’s Team Award for preparing and implementing innovative Translation Programmes at the University of Gdańsk, 2011.
  • Scholarship of the University of Gdańsk Development Foundation for exemplary doctoral students.
  • Habilitacja scholarship, University of Gdańsk, 2008-2010.


Guest lectures and workshops

  • British Council, London, 23.5.2018, participation in the panel: EU 2025: The future demand for English language in the European Union
  • Towarzystwo Miłośników Języka Polskiego, guest lecture on „Polski eurolekt – polszczyzna w instytucjach unijnych”, 18.5.2017.
  • Ionian University, Kerkyra, Greece, Erasmus Teacher Mobility (2017)
  • Solomos Museum, invited talk on “EU Legal Translation: Past, Present and Future”, Kerykyra, Greece, 9.5.2017.
  • University of London, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies – guest lecture EU Legal Translation: Past, Present and Future?, 3.2.2017
  • Training on Company Law Translation, Legal Translation Masterclass, 15.1.2017, Textem
  • European Parliament, Luxembourg, seminar for translators The Eurolect and the Polish language of the law, 1.12.2016.
  • Norwegian School of Economics NHH, Bergen, Hieronymus Day inaugural lecture: Challenges in terminology mining practices in the field of legal translation(20.9.2016)
  • Training for ETS (European Court of Justice) interpreters, workshop the Polish Eurolect, 5.5.2016, University of Warsaw.
  • Training on Company Law Translation, 30.1.2016, Textem
  • CTER Centre for Translation Education Research and Pedagogical University of Kraków Workshops for English-Polish Translation Teachers, 14.3.2015, Kraków, Poland
  • Westminster University, London (2015- Erasmus Teacher Mobility; 2012)
  • Palacký University, Olomouc, the Czech Republic (2015)
  • City University, London (2012) – Erasmus Teacher Mobility
  • Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań (2011)
  • Pedagogical University of Kraków (2013, 2014)
  • University of Warsaw, Legilinguistics Student Society (2012) and BAJT Student Society (2013)
  • Association of Polish Translators and Interpreters STP (2011, 2013)
  • Polish Society of Sworn and Specialised Translators TEPIS, EU module on the Course for Sworn and Specialised Translators (2012, 2013)
  • Webinarium eCPD Webinars (UK): Polish Legal Translation (2014)
  • Webinarium Textem: Tłumaczenie dokumentów w spółkach kapitałowych: walne zgromadzenie (06.2014), Tłumaczenie dokumentów w spółkach kapitałowych: łączenie się spółek (09.2014)Tłumaczenie odpisu z KRS i podobnych dokumentów z zakresu prawa spółek (05.2015) 



  • English-Polish translator, legal and business translations since 1997, sworn translator of English and Polish, language consultant
  • Expert in the Polish Normalisation Committee, TC 37 – Terminology and other language and content resources (2013-2017)


Papers read at international conferences

  1. 2018, Łucja Biel, paper “Teaching EU English to national judges: terminological collocations in EU Competition Law”. TALC – 13th Teaching and Language Corpora Conference. University of Cambridge, UK, 18-21.07.2018.
  2. 2018, Łucja Biel, paper “Legislation versus other institutional genres: a corpus study of variation in translation EU genres.” Transius Conference 2018, University of Geneva, Switzerland, 18-20.06.2018.
  3. 2018, Łucja Biel, plenary talk “Legal terms and multilingual translation. A case of EU English terminology”. LexESP 2018: V International Seminar on English and ESP Lexicology and Lexicography: The Words of the Law. University of Alicante, Spain, 26-27.4.2018.
  4. 2017, Łucja Biel, paper “Corpora: applications in legal translation practice, training and research.” Translating Europe Workshop: New Technologies in Specialist Translation. Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań, 9-10.12.2017.
  5. 2017, Łucja Biel, paper “New Technologies and EU Translation.” Translating Europe Workshop: New Technologies in Specialist Translation. Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań, 9-10.12.2017.
  6. 2017, Łucja Biel, Agnieszka Biernacka, paper “Legal translation in the EU: multilingualism and the dominance of English”. Legal English: Lingua Franca and Translation in EU Competition Law. Project Training Action for Legal Practitioners: Linguistic Skills and Translation in EU Competition Law. University of Warsaw, Warsaw, 1.12.2017.
  7. 2017, paper “Researching legal translation with corpora: mixed-methods opportunities and challenges.” 15 Corpus Linguistics in the South, 28.10.2017, University of Cambridge, UK.
  8. 2017, paper “The Polish Eurolect”. Translating Europe Workshop – Eurolects: language contact and variational dynamics across European legislative corpora, UNINT, Rome, Italy, 24.10.2017.
  9. 2017, paper “EU translation: a corpus study into variation across EU genres.” Translation: Sameness, Likeness and Match, Vilnius University, 5-6.10.2017. Vilnius, Lithuania.
  10. 2017, paper “Translation and the law: A case study of a corpus of (legal) translation on migration.” Law, Translation and Migration: An Enlightening Relationship. SLSA (Socio-Legal Studies Association) and Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham, 21.09.2017, Birmingham, UK.
  11. 2017, paper “Impact of institutionalization on translation quality: a corpus-based research of translation of EU law.” and panel convenor “EU Legal Culture and Translation”. Language and Law in a World of Media, Globalisation and Social Conflicts. Refounding the International Language and Law Association (ILLA) to make law more transparent, 7-9.9.2017, University of Freiburg, Germany.
  12. 2017, invited talk “On the usability and challenges of legal corpora in specialised translation.” Workshop on LSP corpora in specialised translation – Issues and implications. 21st Conference on Language for Specific Purposes, 28-30.06.2017, Norwegian School of Economy, Bergen, Norway.
  13. 2017, paper “Quality in institutional legal translation and the Polish Eurolect in the making: pre-accession and post-accession translations of EU law” and participation in the debate “Between academia and the industry”. Points of View in Translation and Interpreting, 22-23.06.2017, Jagiellonian University of Kraków, Poland.
  14. 2017, plenary lecture “Research into Legal Translation: Mapping the Field.” International Congress Quo Vadis, Legal Translation? 1-2.06, 2017, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia.
  15. 2017, plenary lecture „Institutional Legal Translation: the case of the EU.” 7thSeminario de Traducción Jurídica Para Organizaciones Internacionales. 20-24.3.2017, University of Salamanca, Spain.
  16. 2016, plenary lecture “Quality in Institutional EU Translation: parameters, practices and research.” Czech-Polish Conference on Institutional Translation, Quality Aspects in Institutional Translation. 25.11.2016, Prague, Czech Republic. Charles University of Prague, Jagiellonian University of Krakow, Polish and Czech Field Offices of the European Commission.
  17. 2016, plenary lecture “Mining and minding your patterns: towards a corpus-based research model of legal translation”. From Legal Translation to Jurilinguistics: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Language and Law, 27-28.10.2016, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville, Spain.
  18. 2016, paper “Keywords in the Polish legal language: national law versus EU law”. Słowa klucze 2016, 20-21.10.2016, University of Warsaw.
  19. 2016, poster “The Polish Eurolect Project: a genre-based analysis of the Eurolect and its impact on administrative Polish”. 8th EST Congress – Translation Studies: Moving Boundaries, 15-17.09.2016, University of Aarhus, Denmark. Panel convener with Vilelmini Sosoni, Jan Engberg, Rosario Martín Ruano, África Vidal Crossing and moving boundaries in legal translation and interpreting.
  20. 2016, paper “The politics of EU translation: the multilingualism policy across genres.” I International Conference: The (politics of) translation (of politics), 27-28.06.2016, Universitat de les Illes Balears, Palma de Maiorca, Spain.
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  42. Slavicorp. Corpora of Slavic Languages, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, 22-23.11.2010. Paper: “Corpus-Based Dictionary of Polish Law Collocations and its Applications”.
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Papers read at national conferences

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  3. 2017, Łucja Biel, paper „Tłumaczenie prawa Unii Europejskiej: uwarunkowania, wyzwania, perspektywy”. Translating Europe Workshop, Polskie Towarzystwo Tłumaczy Przysięgłych i Specjalistycznych TEPIS and European Commission Polish Field Office, 20.10.2017, Lingwistyczna Szkoła Wyższa, Warsaw.
  4. 2017, Łucja Biel, plenary lecture „Tłumaczenie prawa unijnego: wyzwania i perspektywy”. The conference Tłumaczenie tekstów prawnych Unii Europejskiej: doświadczenia i perspektywy, Polish Language Department of the DGT, European Commission, Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, 3.7.2017.
  5. 2017, Dariusz Koźbiał, Łucja Biel, paper „Wykładniki modalności w argumentacji Trybunału Sprawiedliwoci UE i Sądu Najwyższego RP – analiza korpusowa”. II Kongres języka prawnego i prawniczego. XI Konferencja Lingua Iuris, 27-28.4.2017, University of Warsaw, Warsaw.
  6. 2017, Łucja Biel, Dariusz Koźbiał, Katarzyna Wasilewska, Julita Śmigielska, paper „Analiza gatunkowa eurolektu – Projekt Eurolekt”. Interdyscyplinarna Konferencja Wydziału Lingwistyki Sosowanej, 23-24.3.2017, University of Warsaw.
  7. Łucja Biel, Dariusz Koźbiał, Katarzyna Wasilewska, Julita Śmigielska, paper „Zróżnicowanie gatunkowe eurolektu – analiza zbitek leksykalnych”. Tekst, dyskurs, komunikacja międzykulturowa – in memoriam Prof. Anny Duszak (1950-2015), 18.11.2016, University of Warsaw.
  8. XXX Warsztaty Przekładu Prawniczego i Specjalistycznego pt. „Różnice kulturowe w aspekcie tłumaczenia specjalistycznego”; paper „Eurolekt – unijna odmiana języka polskiego i jej wpływ na polski język prawny.” PT TEPIS, 8-9.10.2016.
  9. Kongres języka prawnego i prawniczego, 21-22.04.2016, University of Warsaw. Paper: „Instytucjonalizacja procesu tłumaczenia i jej wpływ na jakość prawa unijnego”.
  10. Konferencja – panel ekspertów pt. „Lingwistyka korpusowa – o języku zerojedynkowo”, 7.4.2016, University of Warsaw. Paper: „Translatoryka korpusowa” in the panel Korpusy – zastosowania praktyczne i badawcze.
  11. Imago Mundi – Teoria tłumaczenia czy teorie tłumaczeń? 20-21.11.2015, University of Warsaw. Paper: „Tłumaczenie prawa unijnego a centralne pojęcia translatoryki.”
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  14. Polski język prawny – nowe wyzwania, 24.4.2015, University of Warsaw. Paper: „Poakcesyjny język prawny —­ jak zmienia się język prawny po przystąpieniu Polski do Unii Europejskiej?”.
  15. Konferencja Tłumaczy 2015, Warsaw, 29.03.2015. Workshop: “Tłumaczenie tekstów z zakresu spółek handlowych (PL-EN)”.
  16. Research seminar Polskojęzyczne korpusy równoległe, 30.3.2015, University of Warsaw. Paper: „Angielsko-polski gatunkowy korpus równoległy do badania polskiego eurolektu”.
  17. Swoi – Inni – Obcy, Sesja: Swoi – Inni – Obcy w dyskursie publicznym, 16-17.1.2015, University of Warsaw. Paper by Łucja Biel, Anna Jopek-Bosiacka, Karolina Broś: „Polityka zagraniczna i integracja europejska w uchwałach Sejmu i Senatu w latach 1974-2014”.
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  20. 29th Legal and LSP Translation Workshop, Tepis, Warsaw, 6.12.14. Paper: „Terminologia i frazeologia polskiego, angielskiego i amerykańskiego prawa spółek – walne zgromadzenie”.
  21. 8th conference on Język trzeciego tysiąclecia — Niedosłowność, Tertium, Kraków, 13-14.03.2014. Paper: „O dosłowności w przekładzie unijnych aktów prawnych”.
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  23. Imago Mundi IV. Tłumaczenie w XXI wieku. Teoria – kształcenie – praktyka, Warsaw, 23-24.11.2012. Udział w panelu pt. Dydaktyka tłumaczenia.
  24. 25th Legal and LSP Translation Workshop, Tepis, Warsaw, 15.10.11. Paper: “Trafficking in human beings – anglojęzyczna terminologia dotycząca handlu ludźmi i jej polskie ekwiwalenty”.
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  26. Medius Currens III „Norma i jakość w teorii, praktyce i dydaktyce przekładu tekstów specjalistycznych”, 9-10.04.2010, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń. Paper: “Hipoteza uniwersaliów translatorycznych a jakość przekładu prawniczego”.
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  28. 22nd Legal and LSP Translation Workshop, Tepis, Warsaw, 27-28.09.08. Paper: “Equity capital debt capital: terminologia związana z finansowaniem działalności spółki.”
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  30. 21st Legal and LSP Translation Workshop, 30.09.07. Paper: “Terminologia statutu spółki akcyjnej i articles of association company limited by shares”.
  31. 20th Legal and LSP Translation Workshop, Tepis, Warsaw, 29-30.09.06. Paper: “Spółki w prawie angielskim i amerykańskim oraz ich polskie odpowiedniki”.
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  33. Język w komunikacji, Wyższa Szkoła Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna, Łódź. 8-10.11.1999. Paper: “Komunikacja przy pomocy manipulowania dystansem fizycznym”.
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